Monthly Archives: April 2015

Publishing Workshops

Book publishing doesn’t have to be awful. My company, The Outside Reader, helps scholarly authors have better publishing experience and write better books. But aside from working with clients one-on-one, I also offer publishing workshops to university departments and programs. The format varies, but one of the more popular versions includes a 90-minute combo presentation Q&A, followed by lightning-round 15-minute meetings with individuals. The format can be customized for graduate students nearing completion of their Ph.D.s, postdocs and assistant professors, or more senior scholars hoping to break out of the monograph.

Why am I telling you this now? Two recent workshops in New York reminded how much I love doing these. I also have just a few slots remaining in an online course I’m teaching in May. Just drop me a line at my editorial address, audra at theoutsidereader dot com, if you’re interested in finding out more.

Competing with the Soviets: In Korean!

Some very exciting news today from the good folks in the rights department at Johns Hopkins University Press: Korean rights to Competing with the Soviets have been sold to Kungree Press Co. If all goes well, the book should appear sometime in the winter of 2016/2017.

In other words: The number of language in which my work appears has just doubled.

Computers, Apollo, and Mad Men

I’ve been found out: I love Mad Men. I also love radio. Earlier this week Ellen Horne, a radio producer at WYNC, gave me a chance to combine these two passions when she invited me to talk about the role of science and technology in Mad Men for a new podcast, The Mad Men Pre-Game Show. We had a blast talking about computers, the Apollo mission, dual-use technologies, feminism, and a bunch of other stuff. Most of it even made it past editing. 🙂

Here’s Episode 1, “Welcome Back to the 60s,” for fellow Mad Men fans. I come in around 8:00.