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Age of Aerospace Airing Soon

Two years ago, while recovering from a terrible E. coli-like illness, I took the train to Washington, D.C., where the lovely people from The Documentary Group were waiting for me. We spent the entire morning talking space: Space technology, space politics, and space disasters. After so much time, I’m delighted to announce that the six-part documentary series is airing on The Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and the American Heroes Channel.

I’m on Episode 4, “The Vastness of Space.” Catch it:

  • Monday, February 22, at 8 and 11 p.m. EST, on the Science Channel
  • Saturday, March 12, at noon EST, on the Discovery Channel
  • Saturday, April 23, at 10 a.m. EST, on the American Heroes Channel

Or you can stream it all, anytime you’d like.