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Ph.D. History and Sociology of Science, August 2002, University of Pennsylvania
M.A., History and Sociology of Science, August 1999, University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Biochemistry and Chemistry, 1997, Purdue University


Science, Medicine, and the Media, University of Pennsylvania (Seminar, Fall 2008 and 2009)
Cold War Science and Medicine, University of Pennsylvania (Research Seminar, Spring 2010)


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Founder and Executive Producer, Distillations, a biweekly podcast of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, 2007–2009.
“Nylon 6,6.” In Molecules That Matter, edited by Raymond J. Giguere. Saratoga Springs: The France Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, 2008.
Frequent short articles and book reviews for Chemical Heritage magazine, Fall 2006–Fall 2009.
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National Science Foundation, Scholar’s Grant, Program in Science, Technology and Society ($135,000, SES-1026715), 2010–2012
Lounsbery Foundation Program Grant, (Distillations, $62,000), 2007–2008
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1997–1999, 2000–2001
Honorary Mellon Fellow in the Humanistic Studies, 1997–1998


Council, History of Science Society (2015–2017)
Editorial Board, Synthesis, University of Chicago Press and the Chemical Heritage Foundation, 2007–present.
Reviewer, National Science Foundation, Program in Science, Technology, and Society.
Program Committee, Society for the History of Technology, 2012–2013 (Chair, 2013).
Committee on Research and the Profession, History of Science Society, 2009–2014 (Chair, 2013).
Council, Forum for the History of Science in America (2012–2014).
Nominating Committee, Section L (History of Science), American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2008–2011.
Committee on Honors and Prizes, History of Science Society, 2006–2009 (Chair, 2008–2009).


History of Science Society
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