May Conferences

May, when academic semesters end, is a prime time for scholarly workshops and symposia. This year, I’ll be attending two. Neither has much of a web presence, so I’ll spare you the links, but here are the basics:

On May 1–2, Bowdoin College is hosting a conference on “Social Politics and the Cold War.” I’ll be delivering a paper entitled, “The Freedom to Live a Scientific Life: Anticommunism and the Shaping of American Scientific Identity.”

On May 16–17, the University of Pittsburgh is hosting a symposium on “The Life Sciences after World War II,” with specific attention to internationalization. I’ll be returning to the topic of biology textbooks: “What’s in a Zone? Biological Order versus National Identity in the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study.”

Please email me at audrajwolfe at gmail dot com if you would like a copy of either of these papers.