Storifying AHA

Maybe because it was in New York, or maybe because it’s what historians wanted, but this year’s American Historical Association meeting featured a steady stream of panels on trade and scholarly publishing, publicity, and public intellectualism. I couldn’t attend all of them, but learned a lot from those that I did. Rather than writing up my thoughts in blog form, I used Storify to organize session tweets into something resembling a narrative. Each contains a bit of ancillary commentary and/or context to help those who weren’t present make sense of what happened.

The potential for error in Storifying a live-tweeted session is high, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at audrajwolfe at gmail dot com if I have misrepresented your views or if you wish your tweets to be removed.

Session 38: Buying and Selling History: Some Perspectives on the Marketplace

Session 175: The Future of the Book Review

Media Training Workshop for Historians (no session number)

Session 294: Writing for the Public: What Makes a Successful Trade History Book